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Product Description: Screw ElementsMaterials: W6542 , Wr5 , CPM10V,CPM9V and so
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Product Description: Screw Elements

Materials: W6542 , Wr5 , CPM10V,CPM9V and so on

Hardness:  Different based on differeent materials  

ApplicationParallel Twin Extruder

Charactors:  High Wear-Resistance, High Corrossion Resistance 

Product Introduction:

We manufacture screw and kneading segments for co-rotating twin screw extruders ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm and over. Our manufacturing specializes in segmented screws for twin screw extruders and is optimized for flexible order handling.

ypes of Screw Elements

* Convey Screw Segment
* Mixing Screw Segment
* Kneading Block & Disk
* Transition Screw Element
* Deep groove transfer element
* Screw element for side feeder
* 1-flighted,2-flighted,3-flighted screw elements


Main Materials For Screw Elements

For wear application:
* Tool Steel : W6Mo5Cr4V2;
* PM-HIP material : SAM10,SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
For corrision application:
* Nitrided Steel: 38CrMoAI;
* PM-HIP material : SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
For wear and corrision application:
* PM-HIP material:SAM26,SAM39,CPM10V,CPM9V
Other materials:
After several years researching, we developed the new materials of OS02H, Which can achieve the hardness of 57-62HRC, we also have OS02M , which can have the hardness of HRC40-45, but have the same corrosion resistance of HC276 materials, while the HC276 materials only has hardness of HRC22-26. 

Production Equipment

At present, the company's factory area exceeds 3000 square meters, and an additional 3000 square meters are under planning and design, covering the complete production process of material research and development, main component production, and testing. The company has 6 technical personover 40 workers, and multiple imported production and testing equipment from Taiwan and Germany. 




Quality Control

The Test Equipment we have are as follows:
 three coordinate detectors,  dimensional image measuring instruments,  metallographic analyzer,  ultrasonic flaw detector,  element analyzer and many other basic test machines. Which can fully confirm the quality we offered . 



Why Choose Us

1) Independent research and development of materials and processes can ensure the performance and process of materials to the maximum extent, and greatly prolong the service life compared with ordinary products, while the main supplier in the market only buy raw materials for machining.


2)Continuously Research and improving the materials based on different application and different customer requirements.  For example, for the screw elements used in  hydrofluoric acid , we get our new materials of OS02M, its corrosion resistance is similar to HC276, but its hardness can reach to HRC40-45. so this materials both has good corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. It is the first choice Materials of screw elements used in strong corrossion industry. 


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