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Major Breakthrough in Production Research and Development

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Update time : 2024-04-10

We are thrilled to announce a significant breakthrough in our production research and development efforts. Our company has successfully developed a bimetallic  liner for use in parallel twin-screw extruders that can increase the lifespan of the liner by 3-5 times compared to conventional liners.

Description:New Spray Welded Composite Liner

Alloy Name:Nickel Base Alloy (OS02H)

Alloy Type: Nickel Hardfacing Alloy

Product Type: 35Type 40Type 50Type Uses Solid nickel based alloy,

             65Type and biger Use Composite Liner or Solid liner. 

Materials Composition:


 Application Performance :     

Compared with nickel based alloy OS02, nickel based alloy materials with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance have significantly improved compactness; The metallographic structure is more detailed; A significant increase in hard wear-resistant phase carbides! Thus achieving twice the wear resistance of vacuum sintered alloys; The alloy layer has been changed from an 8-shaped alloy layer to a waist shaped elliptical 8-shaped alloy layer! Sharp corners provide better wear resistance and support.


Material Parameters Temperature Resistance:

Temperature limit 600℃

Alloy Layer Thickness: ≧1.8mm

Alloy Layer Hardness: 57-64HRC

Grinting test are as follows:


As a company, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to provide our customers with the best products possible. We are excited about the potential impact of this breakthrough and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in the plastics industry.

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